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Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100286
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR BLUEBERRY • Fresh as a cool mountain morning, Blueberry Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco serves sweet and medium blueberry flavors and larger clouds than the Alps. Classic. This is a very smoker-flavored, shisha that with a pleasant but not strong flavor that will produce larg..
Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100284
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR DOUBLE APPLE• Double Apple Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco gives a stronger taste to apple lovers than regular Apple Al Fakher shisha. Not only does this shisha have a serious flavor, it is also one of the most popular hookah tobacco flavors. The taste of double and triple apples ..
Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100287
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR GRAPE• Al Fakher Grape Shisha Tobacco tastes like sweet Welch white wine juice. If you are a fan of hookah grape tobacco, you may want to consider adding it to your collection, this is a favorite wine shisha flavor of many people. Shisha is very juicy, and produces some gre..
Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100291
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR GUM • Gum Al Fakher hookah tobacco is very fine and easy to smoke; one of my favorite blends from Al Fakher. This light, sweet, and light shisha tobacco blend is gentle on its own, and is a great flavor to blend with the taste of sweet hookah or fruit tobacco...
Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100292
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR MINT • Mint Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco serves a medium strong flavored shisha with strong mint. This hookah tobacco produces a lot of smoke and is durable. Although it can be enjoyed on its own, this mint shisha also makes an excellent blender for other flavors that can ..
Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100290
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR PEACH • Al Fakher Orange Orange Shisha Tobacco is a refreshing combination of two classic AF flavors: Orange & mint Unlike in many mint combinations - where mint overpowers the second flavor - you will find that half orange duo is the dominant flavor in this shisha..
Brand: AL FAKHER Model: 100289
AL FAKHER TOBACCO FLAVOUR WATERMELON • Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco Shisha Watermelon Shisha is the sweetest and best-selling Al Fakher shisha jam full of flavor. Once you open your package it is covered with a dense scent of watermelon. The taste of this hookah tobacco watermelon is very good and ..
Model: 100276
CLAY HEAD SHISHA HOOKAH • clay for put the shisha..
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