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Brand: Lattafa Model: 200539
for Men and women Long Lasting. Perfume Oud Mood  is a warm, oriental fragrance with floral, woody and spicy notes and features a pleasant sweetness. 2. The top note is sweet-spicy with floral notes and saffron. 3. Amber and resins follow in the heart note and are replaced by vanilla, light smo..
Brand: ALGOTA Model: 100439
ALGOTA FLOWER WATER 250ML• This is a transparent liquid, very popular in our eastern society, where many people use it in alternative medicine or as a perfume for hands and face, and it has many uses in preparing food and sweets..
RM5.60 RM6.00
Brand: ACHLIM Model: 200219
ACHLIM ARGAN OIL SOAP• Antioxidant soap rich in antioxidants makes skin soft, smooth and moisturized• Anti-inflammatory properties help get rid of acne• Polishes the skin and stimulates circulation..
Brand: ACHLIM Model: 200218
ACHLIM ARGAN OIL THE GOLDEN ORGANIC OIL 30ML• Skin moisturizer• Hair conditioner• Anti aging• Dry skin condition• Psoriasis..
Brand: AL BARAKAH Model: 200229
AL BARAKAH 4 IN 1 OLIVE OIL BLACK HONEY PROPOLIS 200CAPS• Propolis contains antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body.• Black seed oil has been known to lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as have anti-inflammatory effects on the airways.• Olive oil is loaded with an..
-21 %
Brand: AL-FAKHAMAH Model: 200683
AL-FAKHAMAH AKHDARIN 15G• contains a mixture of distinctive Arabic perfumes.• Akhdarin can be applied to the hair...
RM19.70 RM25.00
-21 %
Brand: AL-FAKHAMAH Model: 200682
AL-FAKHAMAH ORANGE ZABAD 15G• contains a mixture of distinctive Arabic perfumes.• Zabad can be applied to the hair...
RM19.70 RM25.00
-21 %
Brand: AL-FAKHAMAH Model: 200681
AL-FAKHAMAH YELLOW ZABAD 15G• contains a mixture of distinctive Arabic perfumes.• Zabad can be applied to the hair...
RM19.70 RM25.00
Model: 200544
AZEEZAH PERFUME FROM DUBAI 100ML• Azeezah Eau de Parfum Perfume by Lattafa Perfumes is a fresh and warm perfume with white flowers and citrus.• Azeezah fragrance starts with a sweet orange note and citrus fruit.• The enchanting scent of jasmine, roses and lotus valley lilies follows the notes of the..
Model: 100534
CLEAR SHAMPOO 170ML• In special formulations with nutrients 10,000 nutrium, vitamin, mineral. Its formulation deeply nourish the scalp to restore essential nutrients and provide longer protection against dandruff. No dandruff..
Model: 100362
COLGATE • Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavour Toothpaste prepares your child for life by making them strong from within and this strength is reflected in her smile. New Colgate Strong Teeth with Amino Power⁺ adds natural calcium* to your family’s teeth, keeping their smiles ..
Model: 200653
1 Box = 12 packs = 252 sticks1 Box = 12 packs1 Pack = 21 sticks..
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