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BARAKAT AL SHAM Fig's Vinegar 300ml

BARAKAT AL SHAM Fig's Vinegar 300ml
BARAKAT AL SHAM Fig's Vinegar 300ml
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BARAKAT AL SHAM Fig's Vinegar 300ml

Figs are a type of fruit that originates from Asia Minor and the Mediterranean region such as Turkey. Canned fruit is usually eaten fresh or eaten in the form of dried canned fruit. It can also be processed into fig vinegar.
Fig fruit vinegar is a type of vinegar that can be obtained as a result of fermentation or presentation of either fresh or dried fruit over a long period of time. It has a slightly brownish or brown color and depending on the manufacturing process that can cause the color to turn a little dark. Fig vinegar also has a sweet and sour taste. Basically, vinegar is usually used in cooking to make pickles or used as a seasoning in food. Fig Barakat Al Sham Vinegar is guaranteed to provide a variety of nutritional benefits to its users with a naturally delicious sour and sweet taste.

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