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BARAKAT AL SHAM Dates Vinegar 300ml

BARAKAT AL SHAM Dates Vinegar 300ml
BARAKAT AL SHAM Dates Vinegar 300ml
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Snacks , Black Seeds , Sunnah Foods , Dates , Honey , Olive Oil , Dates Molasses , Dates Vinegar ,Habbatus Sauda , Kudapan , Snek , Makanan Sunnah , Madu , Kurma , وجبات خفيفة ، حبة البركة ، السنة النبوية ، تمر ، عسل ، زيت زيتون

BARAKAT AL SHAM Dates Vinegar 300ml

Barakat Al Sham Date Vinegar is made from quality dates that are fermented to produce a sour vinegar and a little sweet taste that is delicious. Suitable to be eaten alone or with honey as a healthy and nutritious sunnah diet. Among the benefits of date vinegar are weight loss, control blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, antioxidants, anti -inflammatory, anti -microbial, anti -cancer and help boost the body's immune system.

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